best basmati rice brand for biryani

Basmati Rice

Kohinoor Speciality Foods presents an impeccable range of long grained, aromatic Basmati Rice for every occasion. Each pack of Kohinoor Basmati Rice comes to you with the guaranteed quality standards of Kohinoor products.

  • basmati rice

    Kohinoor Organic Brown Authentic Basmati Rice

    Each grain of Kohinoor Organic Brown Authentic Basmati Rice keeps alive the tradition of serving true flavours.

  • Basmati Rice Price

    Kohinoor Organic White Authentic Basmati Rice

    Each grain of Kohinoor Organic White Authentic Basmati Rice keeps alive the tradition of serving true flavours.

  • Kohinoor Platinum Authentic Basmati Rice

    Platinum Authentic Basmati Rice

    A rice with a signature sweet flavour and a heavenly aroma that is beyond compare.

  • Long Grain Basmati Rice

    Gold Extra Long Basmati Rice (XL)

    An exceptionally long Basmati Rice has a sweet flavour & aroma that is truly extraordinary.

  • Kohinoor Silver Super Basmati Rice

    Super Silver Basmati Rice

    Even a small quantity of this Basmati looks more when cooked and has the best mix of length, colour and flavour.

  • basmati chawal

    Kohinoor Super Value

    Kohinoor - the symbol of India's finest Basmati Rice, presents Super Value Basmati Rice.

  • basmati rice india

    Kohinoor Royale

    This unique blend of rice has been specially developed for usage in special rice dishes like ‘Biryani, Pulao & Jeera Rice’.

  • Kohinoor Everyday Basmati Rice

    Everyday Basmati Rice

    A perfect mix of quality, and affordability, which makes this the best packaged Basmati Rice around.

  • Indian Basmati Rice

    Basmati Rice Tibar

    Aged for at least one to two years, this pusa Basmati is as white as pearls.

  • best basmati rice brand for biryani

    Basmati Rice Dubar

    Carefully nurtured, grown and processed this broken range of Kohinoor belongs to the ever popular Kohinoor Super Silver family.

  • Brown Basmati Rice

    Brown Basmati in Jar

    Kohinoor Brown Basmati Rice is known to have several health benefits, and is a great substitute for white rice. Cooks in Just 15 minutes. Now find yourself in the brown of health!

  • Kohinoor Charminar Basmati Rice

    Charminar Basmati Rice

    Each grain of Charminar on cooking brings out a distinct aroma and become fluffy, thin, long and non-sticky.

  • Kohinoor Rozana Basmati Rice

    Rozana Basmati Rice

    A pure and affordable brand of basmati specially processed for daily consumption and usage across multitude of rice dishes, that are prepared regularly in households across the country.

  • good quality basmati rice

    Charminar-Long Grain Rice

    A rice brand that's specially made for occasions that demand rice dishes in quantity.

  • Kohinoor Trophy Royale Basmati Rice

    Trophy Royale Basmati Rice

    Characterized by extra-long grains supreme taste, this Basmati Rice makes every dish a delight.


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